Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Expert Craftsmanship for Beautiful Floors

Our team of professionally trained woodworkers is eager to help you refinish your wood floor and leave your home looking brand new. We provide a quality assurance guarantee with all our services to ensure you’re satisfied with your home’s new look.

We offer a full range of refinishing services to brighten up your wood floors. Our refinishing package includes:

man refinishing floor

First-Rate Service

Our services are designed to breathe new life into your floors and give your home a touch of elegance just like a complete flooring replacement would. We care about our customers and their homes, which is why we strive to provide the highest possible quality of service.

Are you considering refinishing your wood floors?

At Eduard’s Home Improvement, we employ a team of highly trained and certified refinishing specialists. We have decades of experience with wood floor refinishing and it shows through our work. We are focused on providing you with the best refinishing service for your home with the budget that works for you.

We feel it’s best to refinish your wood floors when you see the following signs:

Let's Work Together

If you see any of these in your home, it is probably time to refinish your floors. We are happy to help you through this process! We’ll work together to find the right refinishing solution for your situation and your budget. We want you to love your home’s new look, so contact us today to schedule a free refinishing estimate.

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